Patient Testimonials

Read what patients have to say about our general surgeon, Dr. William Schirmer

“Before we even got to surgery, Dr. Schirmer walked me through each step of what was going to happen, and it makes you confident about your surgeon when they do that.”

--William, thyroid cancer surgery

“Dr. Schirmer did a great job. I never felt he was rushing me through an explanation of what he had seen and what he thought was best. He took his time to explain things, answered my questions and gave his recommendation. He was very honest about the recovery process, the degree of variability and how that might play out after the fact. He was honest that it could be nice and easy, and he sort of expected that, or it could be a longer recovery, and he gave me estimates of what that could be. I didn’t know what we were dealing with, so I valued the way he took command and helped me to see it really wasn’t much to worry about.”

--Adam, general surgery

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